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Press Release 2015:

Sleep Specialists, LLC and HGE Health Care Solutions Announce Comprehensive Sleep Program.

Press Release 2015:


Sleep Specialists, LLC sleep apnea device used in study researching cost effectiveness.

Press Release 2015:


Sleep Specialists, LLC Announces Exclusive Distributor for the Zzoma Sleep Apnea Device in Australia.

Press Release 2015:

Sleep Specialists, LLC Receives Regulatory Approval in Australia for Zzoma Sleep Apnea Device.

Press Release 2015:

Zzoma Sleep Apnea Device Seeing Widespread Utilization Across United States, Europe. 

Press Release 2014: has been appointed as an Authorized Distributor for Zzoma.

Press Release 2014:

Zzoma is mentioned in the Positional Therapy in Obstructive Sleep Apnea, published in November 2014.

WZZM 13 ABC News 2013:


Sleep Savvy – Being Aware of Your Sleep Environment. A Zzoma pillow can promote better sleep for those with: sleep apnea, those who snore or who have acid reflux.

Press Release 2011:

Sleep Specialists, LLC Obtains CE Mark for Zzoma Sleep Apnea Device.

ABC News 2011:

Gadgets for Love: Can a Toilet, Headphones, a Pillow, Blanket and Coffeemaker Help Your Relationship? There are many pillows that claim to prevent you from snoring, but they are pillows for your head. The Zzoma pillow is actually a sleeping aid you strap around your waist and it forces you to sleep on your side: a position that is less likely to induce snoring.

Stop Snoring Solution Reviews 2011:

Stop Snoring Solution Reviews – Introduced Zzoma Positional introduced one of its stop snoring solution reviews on a stop snoring aid named Zzoma Positional Sleeper on April 15, 2011.

Press Release 2010:

Sleep Specialists, LLC Secures Venture Capital Funding for Zzoma
FDA-Cleared Medical Device To Provide Relief to Patients with Positional Sleep Apnea

ABC News 2009:


Right now, it's only approved as an anti-snoring device, but Dr. Krachman said they've applied for FDA-approval for the device to also treat positional sleep apnea. If they win that approval, the cost of the Zzoma could be covered by insurance

Metro News 2008:


Need some Z’s?  Try Zzoma. Zzoma is worn like a belt around the chest. At the back there is a piece of firm foam covered in canvas that prevents the wearer from sleeping on his back. Developers say it is easier to use than a commonly used treatment – the continuous positive airway pressure machine – which blows air into a person’s face to keep their airway open.

Science Daily 2008:

New Device Aims To Give Sleep Apnea Sufferers Relief And Rest. Fifty percent of patients with mild sleep apnea (those who experience anywhere from five to 15 events an hour) and 20 percent of people with moderate sleep apnea (15 to 30 events an hour) have positional sleep apnea. Krachman explains how wearing the device, called Zzoma, works to reduce those episodes.

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